Because one of the all-time greatest foods should not be limited to lunch or dinner: Breakfast Tacos! Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for laterPin It! Fluffy tortillas wrapped around a quick blend of eggs, black beans, and your toppings of choice (Bacon! Avocado! Salsa!), they’re a yummy, healthy breakfast that merges weekday easy with fun weekend vibes.Breakfast tacos are not just a Texas thing (despite what a proud Texan might tell you).You’ll find a medley of breakfast tacos at restaurants all over the U.S.

My favorite place to have them though is right at home! They’re filling and healthy.Thanks, eggs and black beans for the abundance of protein!You can customize them any which way (see ideas below).The filling reheats well, making them meal-prep friendly (just like this freezer Breakfast Quesadilla).This recipe is also stunningly simple.You cook all the breakfast tacos ingredients together in a pan, stuff your tortillas with wild abandon, and then wonder how many days in a row it will be until you get tired of them.

^^I can’t advise a specific number, as our leftovers ran out long before our craving for them did.How to Make Breakfast Tacos What goes inside a breakfast taco is entirely up to you! Breakfast tacos almost always include eggs (the breakfast tie-in), and you can add any combination of bacon, sausage, cheese, and Mexican-inspired ingredients like beans, avocado, and salsa.Our favorite healthy breakfast tacos a

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