Grilled Tofu Steak Recipe BY : Terrence Paschal PUBLISHED : November 17th, 2022 Facebook1PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare1SHARE Need a vegan alternative for the grill? You’re going to love this easy 30-minute grilled tofu steak recipe! A simple tofu steak marinade infuses it with flavor and then it’s cooked on the grill.Serve it up your favorite sides as a vegan steak or chop it up to add to salads and wraps!Jump to Recipe       Cooking on the grill makes a nice alternative to heating up the house on hot days or a method of cooking throughout the year.When the weather isn’t so cooperative, swap it out for an indoor grill pan to cook up your tofu steaks and other grilling favorites.

The best thing about grilled tofu steaks is that they can be used in so many different ways to create a variety of meals.They go great served up as a vegan steak with mashed potatoes or dice the vegan steaks up after cooking and add over the top of your favorite salad.If you love grilling as much as we do, try grilled pineapples or grilled potatoes with chickpeas.

Why This Recipe Works Tofu steaks are the perfect meatless solution for all your grilling needs!Makes a great stand-in for meat for meals!So many ways to use it.Simple ingredients and easy preparation.What Goes Into This Recipe Tofu, bbq sauce, and a simple marinade are all it takes to make the best tofu steak recipe.Here's what you nee

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