Veggie Brown Rice Stir Fry BY : Toni Okamoto PUBLISHED : January 16th, 2023 Facebook1PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare1SHARE Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice tasty, nutritious meals.This brown rice stir fry makes a perfect-for-meal-prep dinner that’s packed with flavor, veggies, and protein! Jump to Recipe       I love making a big batch of rice on my day off and serving it up throughout the week to my family.It’s great as a main dish and perfect to carry along for a healthy lunch on the go! If you enjoy this stir fry with brown rice, veggies, and tofu, you might love fried brown rice or this sweet potato fried rice.

Why This Recipe Works Budget-friendly recipe.Quick and easy to make.Works great for meal prep.Kid-friendly vegan stir fry dinner the whole family will love!What Goes Into This Recipe Simple, wholesome ingredients make up the list of what you need to make this vegan veggie stir fry.Brown rice: Brown rice takes a little longer to cook but the nutritional benefits are worth it!Vegetable broth: Used for cooking rice and gives it much more flavor than cooking in water alone.Vegetable oil: Choose your favorite healthy, neutral cooking oil.Veggies: Onion, red bell pepper, and frozen broccoli!Garlic: Fresh garlic is my top choice for the best flavor.Extra firm tofu: A healthy plant-based protein that cooks up quickly and is perfect w

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