Jump to Recipe This vegetarian stuffed acorn squash is perfect for a hearty plant-based meal or side dish.It’s warm and cozy for fall or winter evenings and is especially delicious on Thanksgiving or over the holidays! I’m obsessed with this dish for vegetarians or those trying to eat more plant-based.It’s rich, hearty, satisfying, filling, and is packed with whole grains, protein-powered legumes, leafy greens, sweet dried cranberries, crunchy pecans, and umami-laden cheese! I used to only promote this as a Thanksgiving side dish because it’s the best vegetarian main or side dish for Thanksgiving and its flavors of thyme, rosemary, and cranberries scream Thanksgiving to me! And if you’re here for a Thanksgiving recipe for your vegetarian guests or self, hooray! You’ll love it.

But I realized I was selling this recipe short.It’s not just a Thanksgiving recipe! It’s a delicious vegetarian recipe for any night of the year, but is especially cozy during the fall and winter months.Vegetarians deserve filling, satisfying, and delicious food too.

This recipe hits the mark for all of the above.If you love acorn squash and cozy flavors, this recipe is for you! Ingredients You’ll Need Notes on Ingredients acorn squash: you can cut these in half lengthwise or horizontally, but I like the presentation lengthwise better.farro: a nutty whole grain, high in fiber, protein, and vitamins like B3, magnesium, and zinc.

Use quick-cooking farro as a time saver! vege

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