One potato, two potato… let’s bake the best ever Baked Potato! In this post I’m sharing all my tips to bake the perfect, fluffy potato, including topping inspiration and what to serve with them (hint: they are good with everything).Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for laterPin It! The first pierce of a perfectly done baked potato gives way to a plume of steam, revealing the tender fluff of potato goodness incased in crispy skin.It’s a beautiful sight.

And even more beautiful taste.This isn’t my first potato rodeo.  If you don’t have the oven space available or want to keep the heat in your kitchen to a minimum, you can make an equally crispy-outside, fluffy-inside baked potato in the air fryer with my Air Fryer Baked Potato.If you are a Crock Pot Queen, they can also be prepared in the slow cooker with Crock Pot Baked Potatoes.The Best Method for Making a Baked Potato How to best bake this humble root vegetable is surrounded by different methods and questions.It must be delivered without lumps or mush, boast an appropriately crispy exterior, and no guests should even think to utter, “Well, we are never eating at their house again; those potatoes were BLAND.” Do you wrap them in foil? Prick holes? Bake high or low? Just ask your mom? I’ve tested it all and have got you covered.

My Top Baked Potato Secrets Dry thoroughly.After rinsing and scrubbing your potatoes, pat them completely dry.Excess moisture on your potato

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