The Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook is here.Order Now Quick Summary Potato Leek Soup- this creamy potato leek soup is always a favorite and easy to make at home.Serve with crusty bread and a salad for a simple and delicious meal.

Potato Leek Soup is a CLASSIC and one of my personal favorite soup recipes.I love this recipe because it’s made with basic ingredients and only takes about 30 minutes to make.The soup doesn’t taste basic though, the flavors and textures are luxurious! The mild flavors of the leeks pair perfectly with the creamy potatoes.

The soup is rich, buttery, and oh so cozy.A bowl will warm you up and fill you up! I like to serve crusty bread on the side so everyone can dunk the thick bread slices into the nourishing soup.SO good! Table of ContentsSoup IngredientsHow to Cut & Clean LeeksHow to Make Potato Leek SoupWhat to Serve with the SoupHow to StoreMore Soup RecipesPotato Leek Soup Recipe Soup Ingredients Leeks– Leeks have a very mild onion flavor with a hint of sweetness. You can find leeks in the produce section, they look like giant scallions.

Choose leeks that have a long white to pale green shaft.You will need 4 large leeks for this soup recipe.Butter– I like to use butter because it adds a rich flavor to the soup, but you can use olive oil if you want.

Garlic– to add flavor to the soup.Potatoes– use Yukon Gold potatoes for the soup, they give the soup a super creamy texture.If you can’t find th

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