Red Velvet Brownies are dense, fudgy brownies with a vibrant red color and plenty of chocolate flavor in every bite with the signature shiny, cracked top.They are a delicious indulgence anytime! Or, because of their red hue, they would be a perfect treat for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or whenever you want a pop of color in your dessert! If you are craving a classic brownie, you have to check out my BEST brownie recipe, too! Ingredients & Substitutions Chocolate Chips: I used semi-sweet chocolate chips in these brownies.Some of them will be melted with vegetable oil and food coloring before being mixed in with other ingredients.

This technique enhances the moisture, flavor, and texture of the brownies.You could also use dark chocolate or milk chocolate chips.Food Coloring: Red liquid food coloring is added to the chocolate chips and oil before the chocolate is melted.

This ensures that the red color will be evenly distributed in the batter.Yes, you could leave out the food coloring and still be left with delicious brownies! Sugar: Both granulated sugar and light brown sugar are added to the brownie batter.Cocoa Powder: I prefer Dutch-processed cocoa powder for richer-tasting brownies and darker color.

If using regular unsweetened cocoa powder, it may affect the final taste and appearance of the brownies.When Are Brownies Done Baking? It is important to not overbake brownies, which can dry them out.To check for donene

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