This post may contain affiliate links.Read my disclosure policy.Cool off with this refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Granita.

Easy to make, and no special equipment needed! Watermelon Cucumber Granita This light frozen dessert is cold and slushy, perfect for cooling off this summer or enjoying as a palate cleanser.Made with just 4 ingredients, Watermelon Cucumber Granita is simple to prepare and requires minimal effort.I love the combination of cucumber and watermelon here, it feels like a frozen spa water and it’s super refreshing! You can also make it a boozy treat–just add a little gin or vodka, as I did in this Watermelon Granita Cocktail.

What is a granita? Granita is a frozen Italian dessert made of fruit, sugar, and liquid.It has a coarser, icier texture than sorbet.The Origins of Granita Granita originated in Sicily, Italy, during the Middle Ages when Arabs dominated the area.

Originally called “sherbet,” it was made from snow from Mount Etna and was a special treat for royals.In Sicily, granita is commonly eaten with brioche for breakfast.Why You’ll Love This Granita RecipeThere’s nothing better than relaxing on a hot summer day with a frozen treat.

Sweet, juicy watermelon, crisp cucumber, and zesty lime create the most refreshing treat.Only 4 Ingredients: Besides watermelon and cucumber, you only need sweetener and lime juice.Easy to Make: You’ll need a food processor or blender to puree the granita ingredients,

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