Home » Entertaining » Japanese Milk Bread Recipe Jump to Recipe Jump to RecipeJapanese Milk Bread is extremely soft and tender.Shaped into rolls, it’s a delicious, unforgettable addition to any meal.The secret to this Shokupan Bread, or eating bread, is tangzhong, a roux made of flour and water.

The delicate, feathery texture of these rolls will have you making them again and again! Table of Contents hide 1 Why You’ll Love these Japanese Milk Buns 2 Frequently Asked Questions 3 Is Shokupan the same as milk bread? 4 What does Shokupan bread taste like? 5 Is Shokupan a white bread? 6 What is Tangzhong? 7 How to Make Milk Bread 8 Tips for Making Japanese Milk Bread 9 You May Also Like: 10 Japanese Milk Bread Recipe Why You’ll Love these Japanese Milk Buns This will be the softest bread to ever come

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