Flavorful Blackened Shrimp – A cajun dish made with savory shrimp generously coated with a spicy blackened seasoning and pan fried in a hot skillet until lightly charred.Then to highlight them they’re drizzled with melted butter for a rich enhanced finish.What You’ll Love About Blackened Shrimp This shrimp dish is incredibly easy to make.

It cooks super fast, in about 2 minutes! It’s bursting with well seasoned, crave-worthy flavor.The shrimp are delicious on their own or you can chop them up and use as a taco filling.They pair well with fast and simple side dishes like baked potatoes, rice, grits, pasta, fresh bread, a simple side salad, coleslaw and so much more.

Blackened Shrimp Recipe Ingredients Extra large or jumbo shrimp: Don’t use anything smaller than these two sizes or the shrimp will overcook before they achieve a light char.Use RAW shrimp not pre-cooked or they’ll be incredibly overcooked and rubbery in the end.Paprika: Regular sweet paprika is what I used here though if you want a smokier flavor smoked paprika will work fine too.

Granulated sugar: Sugar really helps the shrimp get a light char since it’s cooked in such a short period of time.Don’t worry it doesn’t make the shrimp taste sweet since it’s such a small amount.Salt and black pepper: Season to taste.

Cayenne pepper: This is what makes the shrimp spicy so you can adjust this to suite your personal preference.Typically anything that’s a Southern “blackened�

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