This cool, creamy mango smoothie is easy to make with just 5 ingredients! Blend it up in minutes for a healthy breakfast or ultra-refreshing snack.Jump to recipe This mango smoothie recipe is like sunshine in a glass! It’s cool and creamy, with a sweet, tangy tropical flavor and the cheeriest color around.It tastes so good that it could pass as dessert, but it’s really an easy, healthy option for any time of day.

This mango smoothie recipe calls for 5 simple ingredients and comes together in under 5 minutes.What’s not to love about that? Mango Smoothie Recipe IngredientsHere’s what you need to make this healthy mango smoothie recipe:Frozen mango chunks – Grab a bag of frozen mango from your grocery store, or get fresh mango.When it’s ripe, peel, chop, and freeze it yourself.

The frozen fruit gives this smoothie a luscious creamy texture.Frozen banana – Along with the mango, it makes the smoothie thick and creamy.The fruit also sweetens the smoothie naturally.

No added sweetener required! Almond milk – It helps the frozen ingredients blend into a smooth puree.If you don’t keep almond milk on hand, swap in whatever milk you prefer.For example, oat milk or regular dairy milk works nicely too.

Whole milk Greek yogurt – It adds richness and tangy flavor.And fresh lime juice – For a bright, refreshing kick!Find the complete recipe with measurements below.Make it vegan or dairy-free!For a plant-based twist on this mango smoothie recipe, replace t

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