This post may contain affiliate links.For more information, please see our affiliate policy.Leave a ReviewJump to RecipeThis Strawberry Paloma cocktail takes Mexico’s national cocktail to the next level with an infusion of fresh strawberries.

Make use of summer’s best berries for your next happy hour!   Meggan’s notes I’ve been to Mexico boat-loads of times.And I’m not talking about the sanitized, all-inclusive resort experience.My husband is from Aguascalientes, so when I go there, I’m living, breathing, and drinking like the locals.

We crafted this Strawberry Paloma recipe for our son’s baptism there a few years ago.It was my way of infusing a little “Ina Garten” into the party, but I let the experts create the most authentic version.If you’re looking for a Strawberry Paloma that is true to the spirit of Mexico, this is it! Table of ContentsMeggan’s notesRecipe ingredientsIngredient notesStep-by-step instructionsRecipe tips and variationsFrequently Asked QuestionsStrawberry Paloma Recipe Recipe ingredients At a Glance: Here is a quick snapshot of what ingredients are in this recipe.

Please see the recipe card below for specific quantities.Ingredient notes Tajin seasoning: Tajin is a mild chili powder with a bright lime flavor that tastes great with cocktails.Or, try regular chili powder, ancho chile powder, paprika, or even cayenne pepper (if you love the heat).

Tequila: Tequila blanco is lighter in body and pe

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