This protein mac and cheese is made in the Instant Pot with whole wheat noodles, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and a boost of protein from Greek yogurt! Cottage Cheese Protein Mac and Cheese Looking for a quick and protein-packed dinner idea? You will love our protein mac and cheese made right in your Instant Pot.It packs in 17g of protein per serving and you can even up that amount by serving it next to a protein! We love this protein mac and cheese recipe because it’s made with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for both extra protein and creaminess.PS: there is no roux involved like classic mac and cheese! Why you’ll love it! Delicious mac and cheese recipe Kid-friendly 17g protein/serving Ready in 30 minutes Featured Ingredients Noodles: we’re using a classic macaroni elbow noodle in this recipe, but you could also use a whole wheat noodle, too!Broth: broth is used in place of water to cook the noodles in the Instant Pot to add flavor.Spices: garlic powder, dijon, salt, and pepper are used to add flavor.Cheddar cheese: it wouldn’t be a mac and cheese without some freshly shredded cheddar cheese!Cottage cheese: cottage cheese adds a great texture along with more protein!Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is our secret weapon for extra creaminess.

Plus it adds a decent amount of protein.Heavy cream: this adds a bit of richness without going to crazy.6 Qt.Instant Pot Duo

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