Jump to RecipeThis is a homemade recipe for brownies that does not require eggs.It tastes exactly like regular brownies, but it's perfect if you're out of eggs or avoiding them because of an allergy.These eggless brownies are a staple in my house.

Keep reading for the best way to make a boxed mix of brownies without eggs.If you've been reading for a while, you'll know that my son has an egg allergy.Since discovering this, I have made him eggless sugar cookies and many other creations.

He loves my chocolate chip cookies without eggs, and anytime I have brown bananas, I make my eggless banana bread.My little man is a true chocolate lover, and would probably like me to make every chocolate dessert for two on this site without eggs so he can sample.When he's not asking for eggless pancakes for breakfast, he's asking for these brownies.

Since this recipe only has 6 ingredients, not including salt, I can make it anytime he asks! This recipe makes a thinner brownie, which I love because the crust allows for a perfectly fudge-like interior.How to Make Eggless Brownies This method for homemade brownies is very similar regular brownies, but instead of an egg, we'll be using a small amount of milk.It's a simple swap that you can do with cow's milk, nut milk, or any plant milk.

Please keep in mind that the milk means the brownies will take slightly longer to cook than a regular brownie recipe.If you're simply using milk instead of an egg in another recipe,

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