This spicy pickle margarita is a true pickle-lovers dream made with leftover pickle juice and classic margarita mix-ins.Table of Contents Toggle Why You’ll Love this Spicy Pickle MargaritaHere’s what you need:How spicy is this margarita?What kind of pickles are the best for pickle margaritas?Can I make this N/A?Margarita RecipesSpicy Pickle Margarita Why You’ll Love this Spicy Pickle Margarita We had the genius idea at the studio the other day to make another pickle-based cocktail.If you didn’t know, we’re huge dill pickle fans and pickle juice is such a fabulous mix-in for cocktails.

This spicy pickle margarita is simply made with classic margarita ingredients such as lime juice, tequila, and triple sec, but we added dill pickle juice and jalapeños for a fancy variation.Here’s what you need: Pickle juice – we prefer a dill pickle juice for this as butter pickles might be a little too sweet.Tequila: we used our favorite tequila – Espolon Blanco.

Triple sec: any kind of orange liquor works.Jalapeños: if you like it spicy, keep the seeds.If you don’t like a ton of spice, ditch them.

Lime juice: fresh lime juice, please.Get our Top 10 5-Star Recipes! Join our email list for new recipes and BONUS: get our top 10 ️️️️️ recipes e-book! First NameEmail* PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left

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