Oreo brownies recipe made in a loaf pan to make a small batch of brownies! Oreo brownies for two are topped with oreos and frosted with oreo buttercream.I’m really excited to share my Oreo brownies for two.These brownies are quick and easy and so is the frosting I use on top.

You read that right, these are Oreo brownies with frosting.  This recipe is baking made easy, with simple ingredients, that come together in a bread loaf pan to make a small batch of brownies! My Oreo brownies for two are topped with whole Oreos and frosted with an Oreo buttercream frosting.  I judge Mr.

Dessert For Two for eating Oreos.In a house with homemade desserts, it feels like a knife in the heart.  We don’t have them in the house frequently, but just often enough to hurt my feelings.  When I hear the rustling of the package in the pantry, I turn my judge-y eyes his way and purse my judge-y lips. I do not approve.Oreo Brownies Baking Made Easy: If you’re new here, I make small batch desserts, which means that I use fewer ingredients and I bake brownies in a bread loaf pan.

Brownies baked in a loaf pan give you two large bakery-sized brownies.In real life, I like to slice these Oreo brownies into 4 to 6 pieces–they’re just so rich!   In fact, this might be the only dessert I’ve ever made for Mr.Dessert For Two that made him stop at three bites.

These brownies are RICH.The brownies are delicious without the frosting, but if you’re going to make Oreo brownie

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