My meat eating family loves these lentil sloppy joes! Lentils are coated in tomato sauce, brown sugar and spices and then added to hamburger buns.  Lentils are much cheaper than ground beef making this budget friendly! No Meat Lentil Sloppy Joes This sloppy joe recipe makes saucy sloppy joes with lentils instead of the usual ground beef.Whether you’re vegetarian or just someone looking to eat less meat, it’s a recipe that will change your weekly dinner menu! I am always looking for ways for my family to swap some of our meaty meals with veggies and legumes, and this one is such a hit.All 3 of my kids and husband gives this meal a thumbs up! We serve with roasted potatoes, french fries or potato chips.

If you have leftovers, they are delicious eaten with rice! Sometimes we even make this recipe just to serve over rice because it’s so good that way too! Lentils vs Ground Beef Price Lentils are a more affordable source of protein compared to ground beef.They are a staple in many cultures and are often used as a cost-effective alternative to meat.A quick comparison at my NYC grocery store prices 1 pound of lentils at $1.99 while 1 pound of ground beef is $6.99 making these lentil sloppy joes so much more cost effective! This recipe needs 1 cup of lentils, so you can easily get 2-3 sloppy joe meals out of 1 bag of lentils Ingredients broth (vegetable or chicken) red lentils green bell pepper onion minced garlic tomato sauce brown sugar worcestershire sauce chi

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