Pan-fried Spring Rolls  by: Judy 0 Comments Jump to Recipe Posted:1/18/2023Updated:12/20/2022 Many of you have asked us over the years if pan-fried spring rolls are a thing.Well, while spring rolls are normally deep-fried, it is possible to pan-fry them!  This is an easy way to cook fresh or frozen spring rolls without using too much oil, or if you simply want to avoid deep-frying altogether.Why Pan-fry Spring Rolls? Spring rolls are generally best when deep-fried.

When we make spring rolls, we use a small pot or saucepan to conserve oil.This oil can be strained and reused to cook other dishes.  However, we understand that many of you don’t want to use that much oil or don’t enjoy deep-frying.Because the fillings in most of our Chinese spring roll recipes are already cooked,  they can easily be pan-fried.

Your main goal is to brown and crisp the wrapper while heating the filling through.  Note that this wouldn’t work as well with Vietnamese spring rolls (cha gio), which are made with a raw filling and rice paper wrappers. That said, you can use this technique with either our Shanghai-style Spring Rolls, our Cantonese Spring Rolls, or the delicious Vegetable Mushroom Spring Rolls in our cookbook! Are you starting with fresh or frozen?  Unlike frozen wontons and dumplings, which do not require defrosting before you cook them, spring rolls should be thawed beforehand.Luckily, spring rolls defrost nicely!  If starting wi

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