PinFacebookTweetEmailShare Jump to RecipeThis recipe for small batch vanilla cupcakes is going to be the best Valentine’s Day dessert for two! This recipe makes 4 fluffy, soft vanilla cupcakes.It’s great to make with kids, and the perfect portion for two people to enjoy.Don’t sleep on the vanilla buttercream frosting on top! In 11 years of running this small batch dessert recipes website, I have never shared a small batch vanilla cupcakes recipe.

Isn’t that crazy? Maybe it’s because my head is in the clouds with my lemon cupcakes or my chocolate and blackberry cupcakes.Or, maybe it’s because I have been appeasing the chocolate lovers so much here on this site, that I completely neglected vanilla.Whatever the reason, the wait is now over.

Truthfully, I’ve been making my small batch coconut cupcakes and leaving out the coconut to make my own little vanilla version for years.In an instant, I will choose a vanilla dessert over a chocolate one.My love for an authentic rich, vanilla cupcake recipe is deep.

You might be wondering: Yes, you can double the recipe to make 8 cupcakes.No, I have not tried to triple it to make one full dozen.I don’t scale down recipes and then scale them back up to test, because that would be the definition of insanity.  Most of my small batch cupcake recipes use just the egg white or just the egg yolk, but yes, this recipe uses the whole egg.  You can use any type of frosting on these, not just the small batch vanilla

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