Home » Pie » Easy Apple Tart Easy Apple Tart This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.This simple Apple Tart is easy and fun to make and perfect for fall baking! It keeps well and makes for a delicious treat and dessert! this recipe I’ve had this Apple Tart recipe in my back pocket for YEARS! I test it out every year and then never get around to photographing it until apple season is long gone.

SO, I was determined not to miss it this year! Admittedly, I haven’t actually gone apple picking yet but we weren’t going to let another year pass before getting this one up on the blog.So, I guess I’ll just have to make it a few more times this season once I do finally make it to an apple orchard.I had originally planned to make a really pretty design with the apples like I’ve seen on some other apple tarts.

HOWEVER, that felt like it was going to be SO much work and I really wanted this tart to feel simple and approachable.So, we’ve found a good middle ground that’s EASY but still really pretty and a definite show stopper.Instead of an intricate design with the apples, we’re simply slicing them and then gently fanning them out before placing whole sections on the tart at once.

It took me no more than 2 minutes to arrange the apple slices (compared with a solid 20+ minutes that it took me to make apple roses on a tart last year!).Ingred

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