Bacon and Pea Salad Jump to Recipe Today I’m excited to share this new recipe for Bacon and Pea Salad, and if you’re celebrating the Fourth of July this week, this is a perfect salad for a holiday party.My cooking assistant (and niece) and I absolutely loved this salad with peas, bacon, cheese, green onion, and slivered almonds when we tested the recipe, and I was pleasantly surprised that the salad stayed good in the fridge for a few days, and I had Bacon and Pea Salad for breakfast several days in a row! This recipe makes a large salad that’s about 10 servings, so it’s perfect for a party or a pot-luck.But if some people don’t want to make that much salad, if you look at the NOTES section of the recipe I’ll give you the amounts to make a half size of the Bacon and Pea Salad.

And if you’re a fan of peas, I bet you’re going to swoon over this salad! What Ingredients do you Need? (This is only a list of ingredients; please scroll down for complete printable recipe.Or if you use the JUMP TO RECIPE link at the top of the page, it will take you directly to the complete recipe.) frozen peas thick-sliced bacon sharp cheddar cheese green onion Slivered Almonds (affiliate link), probably optional but good sour cream mayo white balsamic vinegar (affiliate link) Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener (affiliate link) Spike Seasoning (affiliate link), probably optional but good salt and fresh-ground black pepper to taste How did I make this version of Pea Salad lower in

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