Oi Muchim (Spicy Korean Cucumber Salad) by: Sarah 0 Comments Jump to Recipe Posted:9/22/2022Updated:9/19/2022 This Korean cucumber salad is a small side dish or banchan, often served alongside a main course and cooked rice in a Korean meal.Known in Korean as oi muchim, it’s really delicious—refreshing and spicy at the same time.Serve with your favorite Korean recipes, or as an easy appetizer! Note: We partnered with Frontier Co-op to bring you this Oi Muchim recipe.

As always on The Woks of Life, all opinions are our own.Enjoy! It’s All About the Banchan When we go out to a Korean restaurant, one of the biggest things we look forward to is the small plates of tasty morsels they offer for free with your meal—the banchan.  The more variety, the better.This way of eating is basically why a Korean restaurant is one of my ideal options whenever I’m super hungry.

Within minutes of getting seated at your table, there are at least 8 little dishes of fun things to start snacking on, and they get replenished when you run out!  There are many types of banchan, including:  Kimchi: fermented vegetables—the most ubiquitous and essential! Namul: steamed, blanched, marinated, and/or stir-fried vegetablesBokkeum: stir-fried dishesJjim: steamed or boiled proteins, such as fish or eggJeon: pan-fried pancakes Jorim: broth simmered dishes This dish, oi muchim, means “cucumber mixed with seasonings,” and its flavor is somewhat remi

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