Extra-Veggie Vegetarian Chili Jump To Recipe This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.This delicious vegetarian chili recipe is easy to make, full of rich flavor, and loaded up with lots of extra veggies.

Chili night usually doubles as use-up-any-leftover-veggies night in our house because…why not?! ♡ The bold flavors in a classic tomato chili broth are perfect for welcoming in (and, let’s be real, hiding!) a wide range of vegetables.So this is the perfect occasion to clean out the crisper drawer or empty out those random bags of frozen veggies hiding in your freezer and put them to delicious use.This recipe is super-flexible and easy to customize with whatever veggies, greens and beans you happen to have on hand.

And if you happen to have a picky kid at the table, you can also easily purée some (or all) of them too.Extra veggies for the win! This recipe also happens to be naturally gluten-free and vegan.And as always, please feel totally free to play around with the seasonings and adjust them to taste.

You’re also welcome to add in some plant-based ground “meat”, if you enjoy that texture in your chili.And don’t be shy with adding on your favorite toppings — the more, the merrier! Let’s make some vegetarian chili together! Vegetarian Chili Ingredients Before we get to the full vegetarian chili recipe below, here are a few brief notes about the ingredients that you will need: Onion, garlic and ja

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