Mediterranean Pearl Couscous Salad BY : Toni Okamoto PUBLISHED : November 16th, 2022 Facebook6PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare6SHARES This simple Mediterranean pearl couscous salad is bright, delicious, and packed with flavors like olives, tomato, cucumber, and red onions—perfect for serving as a healthy side or main at home, picnics, BBQ, potlucks, and in lunch boxes!Jump to Recipe       Jump to Video Fresh and Flavorful Mediterranean Pearl Couscous Salad People mistakenly believe that you need tons of ingredients to achieve flavor, but that isn’t the case.This 7-ingredient Mediterranean pearl couscous salad is wonderfully flavorful yet remains minimal thanks to a couple of flavor ‘hacks’ and a careful combination of ingredients.The result is a vibrant, light, yet hearty salad that’s flavorful enough that you don’t even need a dressing! Instead, this Mediterranean pearl couscous salad uses just a few simple, fresh ingredients like olives, cucumber, tomato, and red onion to provide tangy, savory, crisp, fresh flavors and different textures over the nutty, slightly chewy pearl couscous (aka giant couscous).

It's also really easy to build upon with added ingredients, so check out some of our favorite add-ins below or enjoy it as a great ‘clear the fridge’ meal.I.e., extra protein thanks to chickpeas, more veggies, vegan cheese—the sky is the limit.Not only is this Mediterr

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