Fluffy carrot cake meets creamy sweet potato casserole in this unforgettable Carrot Souffle.It’s a holiday-worthy side dish that’ll have everybody begging for the recipe! Table of ContentsSweet and Savory Carrot Souffle RecipeWhat You’ll NeedHow to Make Carrot SouffleCan I Make It in Advance?Tips for SuccessVariation IdeasServing SuggestionsStorage and ReheatingDoes Carrot Souffle Freeze Well?See How It’s MadeCarrot Souffle Sweet and Savory Carrot Souffle Recipe Hear me out, because I know what you’re likely thinking.“Carrots? Souffle? This girl has lost her mind.” I hear you! I felt the same way when I first learned of this side dish.

But as soon as I got over my skepticism and took my first bite, I fell head over heels in love.This dish is pure awesomeness.It’s wonderfully light and fresh, and it’s super easy to throw together.

Made with pureed carrots, butter, sugar and eggs, its texture resembles a sweet potato casserole while its flavor is reminiscent of carrot cake.It’s just so surprisingly tasty – my husband and I are downright obsessed.Some people like to put brown sugar and cinnamon in carrot souffle, but in my opinion, it’s better off without those bells and whistles.

If you incorporate too many extra flavors, you’ll start to lose the fresh carrot goodness that makes this souffle really shine.Even though it might seem a bit odd, this dish works on so many levels.You definitely shouldn’t knock it till you try it! What You’ll

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