Homestyle Egg Noodles Jump To Recipe This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.This homestyle egg noodle recipe is incredibly easy to make by hand in just 15 minutes with 4 basic ingredients.

Flour + eggs + water + salt.♡ So many of the best things in life are made with these simple ingredients.But when it comes to nostalgic comfort food, it doesn’t get much better for this Midwesterner-at-heart than a cozy bowl full of these homestyle egg noodles.

They’re inspired by the bags of Reames egg noodles that we always used to keep stocked in our freezer growing up, ready to toss into a simmering pot of chicken noodle soup or a quick tuna casserole at a moment’s notice.But while I’m usually down for any freezer-shortcuts, I’m here today to try and convince that it is one-million percent worth it try making homemade egg noodles from scratch instead.First off, this recipe is sooo simple that it’s basically foolproof, making it do-able even for some of the youngest sous-chefs in your kitchen.

All you need are 4 basic ingredients, 15 minutes of total prep time, and zero fancy equipment (just a basic rolling pin and a pizza cutter).Just stir the dough together, give it a quick knead by hand, and roll it out to be as thick-and-chewy or melt-in-your-mouth-thin that you prefer.Then use a pizza cutter (or a knife) to slice the dough into your desired size of strips or shapes…and done! You can serve these homemade e

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