An easy homemade Strawberry Milkshake! A decadent dessert drink made with plenty of fresh strawberries, creamy ice cream, rich milk and cream, and sweet strawberry jam.The BEST Milkshake Recipe! Now that summer has arrived my family is obsessed with these strawberry milkshakes! They couldn’t be quicker and easier to make, they need just a few ingredients, and they are a shortcut semi-homemade dessert (since they use store-bought ice cream).Not to mention they are great way to use up seasonal strawberries and you’ll find them to be one of the most refreshing treats on a hot sunny day.

Simply put these are completely and utterly delicious in every way! Possible Variations You can make them with a variety of different ice creams or fruit, or even try them with different jam.Ice Cream Flavors: Try them with cheesecake ice cream, blueberry, raspberry or vanilla ice cream.Fruit: Make this shake with a triple berry blend (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), or use just blueberries, or even try them with something like cherries or mangos.

Milk/cream substitute: Instead of using both milk and cream use 3/4 cup half and half.Healthier milkshake: For a healthier option try using a no sugar ice cream, and use low fat milk or a low calorie dairy free milk like almond milk in place of regular milk and cream.Strawberry Milkshake Recipe Ingredients Scroll down below for full recipe with ingredient amounts.

Fresh strawberries: Fresh strawberries of course are b

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