Easy Apple Pear Pie BY : Renee Press PUBLISHED : September 20th, 2022 FacebookPinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare This apple pear pie is sweet, warm, and cozy, filled with a cinnamon-spiced apple filling, topped with pears, and a brown sugar glaze, all in a buttery crisp pre-made vegan pie crust (gluten-free optional!) Perfect for impressing at potlucks, dinner parties, mid-week meals, and Thanksgiving!Jump to Recipe       Fall Fantastic Apple Pear Pie in a Buttery Pre-made Vegan Crust As the weather grows chilly and summer turns to fall, there’s nothing quite like filling the kitchen with the smells of baking apples, pears, and cinnamon - the perfect embodiment of fall.Usually, we’re busy baking up a storm of stuffed baked apples, apple cake, and apple pie all season long, but this time we’re getting the delicate flavor of pears in on the action with this harvest-friendly apple pear pie! Apples and pears are the perfect fruit combination to add that little something special to your vegan pie while remaining simple and comforting.Even better, we made this apple pear dessert with just a handful of inexpensive ingredients, it's also lighter than your average pie thanks to its open-top, and is perfect for making ahead and freezing! There are also several ways to adapt this apple pear pie recipe to your liking, both in terms of flavor and dietary requirements.

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