JUMP TO RECIPE PRINT RECIPE Learn how to make whipped cream from scratch with this easy recipe! Deliciously rich and smooth with a luxurious flavor, this homemade whipped cream tastes fancy and indulgent, but it merely requires 5 minutes to make.It’s “stabilized” and holds its shape quite well, so it’s perfect for dolloping on top of pies, piping onto cheesecakes, layering with fruit in shortcakes, or adding as the finishing touch for ice cream sundaes.(Or even snuck straight from the bowl with a spoon!)     I was an incredibly picky eater as a little girl.

Even on holidays, I stuck with plain basics, the familiar flavors and textures firmly inside of my comfort zone, and rarely branched out to try anything new.On Thanksgiving, I loaded my plate with homemade whole wheat bread rolls and a mound of mashed potatoes topped with a thick slab of butter and a generous showering of salt.If I felt a little adventurous, I added a bite or two of sweet potato casserole — but only if lots of toasted marshmallows sat on top.

I left just about everything else untouched.The herbed stuffing, cranberry salad, green bean casserole… Even the turkey and pies.    When dessert rolled around, I reached for “cinnamon sugar dough” instead.

My mom placed the leftover dough from her homemade pumpkin and pecan pie crusts onto a cookie sheet and sprinkled it with (you guessed it!) cinnamon sugar, and she popped the tray into the oven until those scraps turned flaky and go

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