Fresh Peach Pie Bars are a heavenly treat made with fresh summer peaches.Try this tasty trio of shortbread crust, peaches and a crumble topping! When local or southern peaches, kissed with a gorgeous blush of color, are available, there’s nothing better than a homemade peach dessert! Fresh Peach Pie Bars I wait all summer till the local peaches are ripened to perfection, then put on my apron and bake up a storm.First on the agenda was a batch of crumb-topped peach bars.

With a shortbread crust and a buttery streusel sandwiching the luscious peach slices, I knew the results would be nothing short of spectacular.The family made these peach streusel bars disappear in a flash.Peach Crumble Bars Making pies can be a daunting task.

Between rolling out the crust without tearing the pastry, laying the top crust without a fiasco, and making sure the filling is thick enough, but not too thick, are frequent worries! Every step has a potential fail.That’s why I love fruit filled bar cookies like these fresh peach pie bars.Starting with a simple press-in shortbread crust, followed by a layer of peach preserves and sliced peaches, then topped with a buttery streusel is the recipe for a much less stressful task.

 Plus the reward is a bar cookie that tastes like a classic peach pie! Bill, the consummate pie authority, raved about these peach crumble bars.And I was happy not to sweat out the nerve-racking process of rolling out a crust! A Few Tips for Making the

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