We love this homemade adobo seasoning made with paprika, onion powder, oregano and other spices.It’s a great spice blend to add to anything, but we especially like it added to our ground beef for burgers! Make Your Own Adobo Seasoning! Whether you’re making burgers, roasting vegetables, marinating chicken, or even seasoning a pot of chili, our homemade adobo seasoning is everything you need to level it up! This recipe makes 1/4 cup adobo seasoning.You can double or triple the ingredients if you’d like to make more.

There’s nothing quite like a good seasoning blend to have in your kitchen cabinet whenever you need to add some savory smoky flavor! This DIY adobo seasoning mix is about to become your new kitchen staple.Looking for more homemade spices? Check out my Italian Seasoning,  Dried Basil, Tomato Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Dried Parsley.What’s in Adobo Seasoning? Adobo Seasoning is made up of: paprika salt black pepper onion powder dried oregano ground cumin garlic powder chili powder What can you do with Adobo Seasoning? We love mixing adobo seasoning into our ground beef mixture for burgers! It’s also great to add to baked chicken, pork chops and shrimp fajitas for more flavor.

You can use it to add flavor to even the simplest foods, like roasted broccoli, carrots and green beans too! How to Make Your Own Adobo Blend Add all of the ingredients into a small mixing bowl.Mix with fork or spoon until combined.Store your homemad

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