End of Summer Farm Update by: Sarah 0 Comments Posted:9/12/2023Updated:9/11/2023 The end of summer is approaching, and it’s time to review how the season went at The Woks of Life HQ.We had some excitement this year with our first real fruit harvests (last year we lost almost all of the fruit in our orchards to squirrels, birds, or fungal problems), as well as some new vegetable garden successes.Let’s take a really quick tour! The Harvest The season started out strong, with some lovely zucchini and yellow squash.

This year, we tried to stay disciplined with harvesting them small, and even harvested some of the flowers to make pastas in early summer.Happy to report we minimized the number of giant monster zucchini with lots of seeds, and enjoyed them while they were still nice and tender! We also started cooking lots of beet greens and kale, usually stir-fried with some garlic as a side dish.The kale on the below right overwinters usually, and it’s much more tender than store-bought curly kale or even Tuscan kale.

The stems are actually edible, because they’re not too tough.Another big garden success this year was our sugar snap peas.We were harvesting five pound bags of them every few days, and enjoying them in stir-fries as well as developing new recipes with them like our Snap Pea Salad: Last year, we grew potatoes for the first time, and it was a revelation! You just put some sprouted potatoes in the ground, cover

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