Easy Yellow Lentil Hummus BY : David Sterkel PUBLISHED : September 21st, 2022 Facebook1PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare1SHARE Easy lentil hummus makes a nice change from regular hummus with chickpeas! This lentil dip recipe is made with yellow lentils, tahini, apricots, and a hint of spice! It's so simple to whip up and makes a tasty sandwich spread, dip, or addition to a grain bowl.Jump to Recipe       This yellow lentil hummus recipe was inspired by a brand I picked up in the store! I loved it so much but wanted to find a way to make it on my own! I think the results are pretty spectacular.It makes a nice change when it comes to dips.Add it to a vegan charcuterie board for an eye-catching table! It also works well to offer a variety of different types of hummus served with it! I really love this smoky roasted red pepper, green pistachio hummus, and of course classic hummus! This combination with this particular yellow lentil hummus recipe creates a variety of textures and colors that everyone loves! Why This Recipe Works Great tasting dip! This yellow lentil hummus has it all! A bit of sweetness, spiciness, and plenty of savory flavors.A nice change.

Swap out your regular hummus recipe for this one! You won’t be disappointed.Easy preparation! Throw all the ingredients into the food processor and let it do its magic!What Goes Into This Recipe The ingredients to make this yellow lent

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