This post may contain affiliate links.For more information, please see our affiliate policy.Leave a ReviewSometimes, the difference between a cafe-quality drink and one you can make at home is the little details, like a special syrup or cold foam.

If you’re trying to kick your Starbucks habit, it might be time to invest in a handheld milk frother for all of your coffee creations.The best handheld milk frothers act like a mini electric whisk giving you perfectly fluffy milk foam with a push of a button.Some can even blend protein powders into shakes!   I teamed up with Meggan from Culinary Hill to put together this list of the best handheld milk frothers, starting with her own from Zulay Kitchen.

Together we combed through buying guides and reviews from trusted publications, recommendations from other food bloggers, and Amazon reviews to find the best products out there to help you achieve a cafe-quality frothy drink at home.Table of ContentsOur Top PicksReviews of The Best Handheld Milk FrothersOther Handheld Milk Frothers to ConsiderWhy You Can Trust UsEverything to Know Before Buying a Handheld Milk FrotherThe Best Frother Recipes Our Top Picks What’s in Meggan’s Kitchen: Zulay Kitchen Milk Frother – $9.99 at Amazon Best Budget Handheld Milk Frother: ElitaPro Powerful Milk Frother Wand – $9.99 at Amazon Best Speed Range: Keurig SimpleCafé Essentials Frother – $14.98 at Walmart Best Attachments: FoodVille MF05 Rechargeable Milk Frothe

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