Classic Mooncakes with Red Bean Paste by: Judy 0 Comments Jump to Recipe Posted:9/09/2022Updated:9/09/2022 This is a classic Chinese mooncake recipe with a red bean paste filling.While mooncakes do take time and effort to make, the flavor of homemade mooncakes is so much better than store-bought (and much less expensive!).We make our own mooncakes every year for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Try this recipe once, and it may become an annual tradition!  A Classic Mooncake Recipe  There are many types of mooncakes out there, so what makes this a classic mooncake recipe?  Well, these mooncakes are what many Chinese Americans think of when they picture a mooncake: soft, amber pastry pressed into a beautiful pattern and surrounding a sweet filling.Today, we are making one of the most popular fillings: red bean.  NOTE! You may already be familiar with our other red bean mooncake recipe, which are a Su-style mooncake, made with flaky pastry rather than the soft cake-like dough we used here.Check that recipe out if that’s what you’re looking for! Another popular mooncake filling is lotus seed paste, which is very popular among Cantonese people and what we used in our first ever mooncake recipe.

There are also sweet/savory fillings like in our ham and nut mooncakes, and totally savory versions like Shanghainese Xian Rou Yue Bing.  More recently, modern “snow skin” mooncakes made with a mochi-like outer layer have become popular, a

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