Beer + chili = a match made in heaven! Spice up classic chili with a bottle of your favorite beer to make this delicious vegetarian beer chili.Ready in less than an hour on the stovetop, vegetarian beer chili is simple to make with quintessential chili ingredients.It’s such a fun addition to game day, warms up chilly evenings, and a wonderful meal prep option.

Featuring your favorite kind of beer, homemade chili seasoning, and plenty of spice, this beer chili is a must-make this season.It has the same great flavor as this classic chili recipe and made without meat.What is in vegetarian beer chili? Beer of course, and plenty of veggies! Here are the stars of this beer chili recipe: Veggies: We use a combination of onions, peppers, and garlic.

Add in some jalapeños and tomatoes for classic chili flavor.Beans: Instead of meat, use 3 kinds of beans for protein and texture.Beer: Whether you are a beer lover or not, adding beer to your chili gives it an extra layer of flavor.

Typically you add a liquid (broth or water) to chili anyway, so substituting some of that liquid with beer really elevates the flavor profile.Flavor: Homemade chili seasoning and pure maple syrup and spice and sweetness.Vegetarian Beer Chili Variations Chili recipes are incredibly versatile, and this vegetarian beer chili is no exception.

Here are a few variations to try: Beer: If you don’t have beer on hand or need an alternative, feel free to use any broth or s

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