Home » Cookies » Bar Cookies » Streusel Topped Raspberry Squares Jump to Recipe Jump to RecipeStreusel-Topped Raspberry Squares will get rave reviews with their shortbread crust, berry filling, and crumble topping! Impossible to resist!! These luscious Raspberry Crumble Bars are an easy dessert that will disappear before your eyes! Table of Contents hide 1 Streusel Topped Raspberry Squares 2 Expert Tips 3 Frequently Asked Questions 4 Helpful Tools: 5 You May Also Like: 6 Streusel Topped Raspberry Squares Recipe Streusel Topped Raspberry Squares I torture my husband and designated dishwasher by making desserts our children love, but he does not.Grasshopper Pie, Coconut Cupcakes, and Caramel Brownies do not bring him one iota of joy.Brownies and chocolate chip cookies do! And Raspberry Pie.

So I knew these raspberry bars would not get the usual scrutinizing eye since there was no mint, no coconut, no caramel and no nuts in sight! Only deliciousness.Expert Tips The first layer is a shortbre

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