Stuffed Bitter Melon by: Sarah 0 Comments Jump to Recipe Posted:9/17/2023Updated:9/14/2023 This stuffed bitter melon recipe in black bean sauce is a classic Cantonese dish that highlights a produce item in abundance right now in Chinese groceries and backyard gardens: bitter melon!  While beef with bitter melon might be more well-known, this recipe might be tied with it for my favorite bitter melon dish! Interested in learning to grow bitter melon? If you live in a place where summers are hot and humid, you absolutely can grow this largely pest and disease-free vegetable (well actually, fruit).Learn how to grow bitter melon in our Garden/Farm section! The Process of Making Stuffed Bitter Melon While this recipe may look a little complicated, it’s actually quite easy to make! I mix up the filling in the stand mixer, and then slice the bitter melon into rings.After scraping out the seeds, we blanch the bitter melon, then stuff them and pan-fry them.  Make the black bean sauce, simmer the pan-fried bitter melon pieces in the sauce mixture to cook them through, and then thicken just before serving.  Okay, so I can feel some of you through the screen being like, “that doesn’t sound that easy…” The recipe does take a few steps.

But none of the steps are very complicated.And you’ll be rewarded at the end of the day with a really tasty restaurant-quality dish that very few restaurants actually make anymore.  Honestly, I was

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