Refreshing Red Potato Salad – made with flavorful red skinned potatoes, a creamy, vibrantly lemony dressing, and fresh herbs.It’s a traditional summer side dish that pairs well with all your bbq favorites.Red Skin Potato Salad This is a comfort food classic made with hearty, creamy red potatoes, dotted with the typical celery and pickles, and finished with a rich herby dressing to coat it all.

The fresh lemon is a highlight here and the use of both mayonnaise and sour cream keeps it from feeling too heavy.It’s a simple to prepare side dish that keeps well in the fridge for several days and it’s an ideal dish to serve on a hot day (trade in those baked potatoes for this!).You can also adapt it to include other various mix-ins such as cooked bacon or hard boiled eggs (more ideas below), or just keep it simple without an extras.

Either way this red potato salad is a summertime must! Red Potato Salad Recipe Ingredients Red potatoes: Leave the skins on the potatoes, no need to peel them for this recipe.I use small red potatoes, though medium or large work fine as well.Sour cream: I like to use natural sour cream without all the extra thickeners and additives.

Mayonnaise: A good quality mayonnaise is recommended.Lemon: Use fresh lemon for the best flavor.Bottled won’t be as good.

Dijon mustard: A little will go a long ways in flavor.Green onions: If you prefer you could use 1/2 cup chopped red onions in their place, they’ll just be a bit stronger.

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