Cheese stuffed Manicotti! Tender manicotti shells are filled with an herby ricotta cheese filling, then topped with a vibrant and garlicky tomato marinara, and to finish they’re oven baked until perfectly melty and delicious! Homemade Manicotti Manicotti is an Italian dish similar in flavor to cheese stuffed shells or lasagna.Large tube pasta are boiled until al dente then a filling of ricotta, mozzarella and sometimes spinach is stuffed inside.Usually it’s meatless but it can include ground beef, pork, or veal as well.

The filled manicotti shells are layered into a baking dish and covered with marinara sauce.Sometimes you’ll see them finished with more cheese over the top, but believe it or not, I think with the super cheesy filling alone it’s plenty without.This mostly from scratch dish is total comfort food! This recipe has been a family favorite for nearly 20 years! I began making these as a teen and haven’t stopped since.

Try them and you’ll see why, so much cheesy, tomatoey deliciousness in every bite! Manicotti Recipe Ingredients Dry manicotti noodles Ricotta Cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese Eggs Fresh parsley and fresh basil Salt and black pepper Canned crushed tomatoes Garlic Extra virgin olive oil Ingredient Tips Use fresh grated cheeses for best results (the mozzarella and parmesan).I have used dried herbs for this recipe in the past.They work in a pinch but fresh herbs will give superior flavor.

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