You can cook Chicken Francaise, even if you can’t pronounce it! My chicken Francaise dish is elevated in appearance and rich in flavor, but it’s easy to cook and ready in less than 30 minutes! Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for laterPin It! Chicken Francaise is flour-dredged, egg mixture-dipped pan-fried chicken cutlets, simmered in a heavenly lemon-butter and white wine sauce.Francaise (pronounced “frahn-says”) literally means “French,” but there is a twist.Chicken Francaise (or “Francese” as it can also be spelled) isn’t French at all.

It’s Italian American (!).When Italian immigrants came to America, they brought their favorite recipes with them, including veal Francaise, but they began swapping in the less costly chicken for the veal, thus creating chicken Francaise.Chicken Francaise is similar to another lemon-buttery Italian chicken dish: Chicken Piccata.  Speaking of lemon-buttery, you’d swoon over this Lemon Butter Chicken, which also has a to-die-for sauce.

(And if pan fried is your lover when it comes to chicken, you should try this Pan Fried Chicken Breast!) Chicken Francaise vs.Chicken Piccata Chicken Francaise and Chicken Piccata are similar dishes in that they are pan-fried chicken cutlets in a scrumptious lemon butter sauce.Chicken piccata has capers.So for you caper haters out there, the Francaise version is for you.Chicken Francaise is dredged in flour and egg, whereas chicken piccata is dredge

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