Easy Vegan Bubble Tea BY : Toni Okamoto PUBLISHED : September 12th, 2022 Facebook3PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare3SHARES This 4-Ingredient vegan bubble tea is creamy, sweet, and full of satisfying chewy boba! It’s also cheaper and healthier than commercial versions, and flexible, too!Jump to Recipe       What is Boba Tea (Bubble Tea)? It’s no surprise to see the ever-increasing popularity of this Taiwanese beverage, but what exactly is bubble tea (also called tapioca milk tea, boba tea, pearl milk tea)? The drink traditionally combines warm or chilled milk tea (usually black tea, though green tea is growing in popularity) with chewy tapioca balls — aka boba or bubbles - for a drink combining satisfying texture and beautiful aesthetics.It's sweet, creamy, has a robust tea flavor, and delightfully chewy yet jello-like boba to suck up through a large straw.There are now actually many versions available, including some without tea, using fruit, swapping out the tapioca balls for other jellies, red beans, popping boba, and more.

However, for this post, we’re focusing on making a simple and traditional bubble tea recipe, but 100% vegan! Why Make Boba Milk Tea At Home? As the popularity of this boba drink increases, more bubble tea shops are popping up all over the place.However, the vegan options can still be pretty limited depending on where you’re based.More so, many store-bou

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