Fluffy Chinese Scrambled Eggs with Salted Chilies (Duo Jiao) by: Kaitlin 0 Comments Jump to Recipe Posted:11/18/2022Updated:11/18/2022 I have these melt-in-your-mouth fluffy Chinese scrambled eggs with salted chilies (i.e.Hunan-style duò jiāo – 剁椒) at least 2 times a week if I’m on my own.I’ll eat it any time of day—breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  In fact, everyone in my family knows I survive during the week largely off of a carton of eggs, a jar of duo jiao, rice, and a box of pre-washed spinach (which gets stir-fried quickly with garlic as a side dish).

This recipe has become such a ubiquitous sight at my dinner table (or couch, rather) that I knew I needed to bring it to the blog.  Unsurprisingly, we’ve already shared it—in frittata form.But after a couple times of attempting to make a neat frittata, I realized…not only was I wasting my time with careful flipping, it tastes infinitely better in the form of really fluffy Chinese-style scrambled eggs, cooked lightning fast in a wok or frying pan.   The Cornstarch Slurry Method I was formerly of the opinion that just plenty of oil and a solid medium-high heat will get you reliably fluffy results, but when I broke out this recipe during a blogging session, the results were disappointing! Suddenly, with the pressure of Sarah’s camera lens bearing down on my lackluster plate of eggs, I started to second-guess myself… I’d heard of a classic Cantonese not-so-s

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