Did you buy a carbon steel wok years ago and promptly forget about it? If it’s rusty or otherwise a little worse for wear, don’t worry.In this post, we’re talking about how to clean and re-season a rusty wok and start cooking with it again! Don’t Throw Away Your Rusty Wok! If you’ve read our post on what type of wok to buy, you know that we’re strongly in favor of carbon steel woks! However, carbon steel (as well as cast iron) is susceptible to rust, especially if left in a humid or moist environment for an extended period (read: that corner of your basement or garage!).Both materials contain iron, which oxidizes and forms rust when wet.

We’ve heard from many readers over the years who have told us that they stored an old wok away, only to dig it back out of their damp basement, garage, or pantry to find it covered in rust.Sadly, the impulse is often to throw this rusty wok away and buy a new one.But this is an important Woks of Life PSA: Carbon steel and cast iron woks can last a lifetime (or multiple lifetimes—we have woks that are decades old—they can be passed down to the next generation).

They CAN be revived if rusty.If you have a carbon steel or cast iron wok that’s rusted, don’t throw it away! All you need to do is scrub off the rust and re-season the wok, and you’ll be back to cooking with it in no time.We’ll also talk about how to prevent rust in the future, so you can use and maintain your wok for years to come! How to Revive

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