These protein powder overnight oats have 21g of protein in every serving.Made with an easy base of quick-cooking oats, almond milk, a natural sweetener, and your favorite protein powder, they are the perfect high-protein breakfast that we are obsessed with.We have spent countless mornings devouring different bowls of oatmeal and overnight oats, but nothing beats our protein overnight oats.

These are not only a delicious, time-saving breakfast option but also a perfect post-workout meal to refuel and recover.With just one base recipe and three delicious flavor options, this will soon become your go-to oatmeal recipe.Trust us when we say, this is the best protein overnight oat recipe on the internet.

What is in protein overnight oats? These overnight oats are made with quick-cooking oats, chia seeds, Greek yogurt (for more protein), almond milk, and your favorite protein powder.Remember, the flavor will vary based on what protein powder you use! Best Protein Powders Check out our top protein powder recommendations for baking, smoothies, and everything in between.Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

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