Day In The Life This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.Happy Friday, everyone! I realized the other day that it’s been over a year and a half (!) since I’ve done a day in the life post on here.

And I kind of miss them! ♡ So now that we’re back home in Barcelona and getting settled into our usual routine again, I decided to snap my way through our day yesterday to capture what life looks like lately with our 18-month-old little guy.Hope that you’re all doing well, and wishing you a relaxing almost-fall weekend ahead.7:00: Muy buenos días.

♡ An iced latte to start the day, courtesy of my favorite barista.7:30: Teo’s turn to rise and shine! This busy little dude doesn’t want to stay still for a single photo lately, so my camera roll is a collection of blurry happy photos right now.7:45: Quick clean-out-the-fridge egg scramble for our desayuno (and plain scrambled eggs, PB toast and banana for Teo’s).

8:00: Loves pressing allllll of the buttons until he successfully pauses the cycle (lol, which is always a fun surprise to return to an hour later if we don’t catch him).8:30: And off they go! Teo just started attending a sweet little Montessori guardería (daycare) last week and, like most daycares here in Spain, they have a lengthy “adaptation” period during which the parents are encouraged to stay with the kids to help ease the transition.So we’re taking turns spending our mornings t

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