Today we’re sharing our (very informal) guide to Chinese zodiac compatibility! If you grew up in a Chinese family, chances are that over the years you’ve had parents and relatives drop cryptic hints about your zodiac animal sign, whether it’s about your personality or your future partner.  We’re no different, and this post is a starting point to figuring out your compatibility, complete with embarrassing personal reflections and anecdotes!  Chinese Zodiac compatibility: A fool’s errand? At best, astrology, tarot cards, etc.are just gut checks against your innermost feelings and intuition.After many years in search of romance, I’ve bounced between skepticism, apathy, and outright superstition—boldly declaring my need to find a driven Dragon or say to hell with those crazy Tigers.

It’s a familiar struggle for many Chinese folks because while you may not be 100% sure that any of this is worth the time of day, it does seem a little silly to not at least try to give you one more little bit of luck in this big game of life.  Hence, there are plenty of Chinese folks out there clamoring for an auspicious animal match.(On a related note, who remembers the year of the Golden Pig baby boom of 2007? There was a run on baby making in China thanks to everyone wanting their kid to be born under the auspices of that sweet lucky piggy.)  So what about that feeling when you feel sparks fly but then you realize they’re a Rat… Can two Dragons make it work?  Are Tiger

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