Are you guys ready for the best cookies in all of the world? I am absolutely, utterly in love with these.I cannot count my blessings enough for having had the inspiration for this ingredient combination.I am just grateful they exist.

Now, chestnut flour is not your most common ingredient, but it is WORTH tracking it down because it’s gorgeous.And it is also naturally sweet and nutty.And another also….

chestnuts with cranberries and pecans are just like the sweetest cookie dream.I have made these cookies many times.The only reason I make other cookies is because I love experimenting and discovering new, interesting flavors.

Otherwise, these and only these would be on constant rotation.On a different note, I want to post my review of Twelve Years a Slave because I read it, I loved it, and I think everyone should read it.The book is a short memoir of Solomon Northup, born a free man and kidnapped in the mid 1800s, then sold into slavery where he spent 12 years of his life and was given a different name.

Can you even imagine? The narrative tries to be subjective and does not go too much into personal opinions and raw emotions, though it does describe the harsh conditions and inhumane cruelty one man can inflict on another.Why do I think everyone should read this? First, because history and lessons are not taught/learned from bland dates.These actually never stick with me.

Second, because while there’s power in numbers (and we should know abou

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