An Introduction to Our Herd by: Sarah 0 Comments Posted:9/20/2022Updated:9/19/2022 It’s time to formally introduce you all to some of our fellow residents at The Woks of Life HQ—our small herd of two alpacas, two goats, and yes…one llama.We shared some photos of the herd when we announced that we moved, but now that we’ve been at the new house for almost a whole year, it feels weird to not introduce the gang here on the blog! Let’s start at the beginning.How We Got The Herd: Long story short, they came with the house.

The previous owners had acquired them as pets and offered to have the animals stay with the house after they moved.Most of the herd are on the elderly side, so we wanted them to be able to stay put in their home.It was decided! We would keep them.

I’ve had experience with horses growing up, so caring for larger animals didn’t seem all that daunting, and as it turns out, these guys are pretty easy to care for.There was a bit of a learning curve starting out, as the previous owners left basic guidance for their care.We got the number of their veterinarian, a little spiral-bound handbook on how to care for pygora goats, and a few clues left in the garage in terms of what they were fed.

I’ll share a bit of what we’ve learned over the past year here, but first, let’s get to the introductions.Introductions Trooper Trooper is our resident llama.We were told that he was intended to be a guard llama

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