Bring the Southern hemisphere into your life with this exotic Brazilian Caipirinha Cocktail! Lime, raw sugar and Brazilian rum marry in this tropical cocktail! This popular Brazilian cocktail is ideal for summer sipping on a hot evening.If you enjoy lime cocktails, this cachaça based drink is destined to become a new favorite! Brazilian Caipirinha Cocktail Brazil’s most popular cocktail is quickly becoming one of mine, too.My first Caipirinha Cocktail (pronounced kai-pee-reen-ya) was at a book club meeting.

Don’t I have fun friends? With our book selection, State of Wonder, set in Brazil, it seemed a natural addition to the menu.As Brazil’s national cocktail, it’s made with the tropical ingredients of lime, sugar cane, along with rum made with sugar cane.It’s been called Brazil’s version of the mojito.

The name, caipirinha, actually translates to “little countryside drink.” How to Make a Caipirinha Making a caipirinha cocktail is quite simple.There are only 3 ingredients to put on your shopping list.First, procure some Cachaça, which is a Brazilian rum made from fermented sugar cane.

See more details below.For the sweetener, raw sugar or a sugar syrup is traditional for this tropical cocktail.Fresh limes are a must as they’re pulverized to release both the juices and the oils.

Use a cocktail muddler to crush your lime wedges.Whether to use crushed ice or cubes is up to you.I prefer the crushed as as it helps dilute this potent

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